Sculpting Camp In Mukilteo


Sculpting Camp In Mukilteo,WA

Learn to sculpt in clay , glass, wood, found objects and metal!

Ages 5 -16 @ the Art Workshop Studiosget-attachment-15.aspx

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Overcrowding in Mukilteo’s Future

Mayor, Jennifer Gregerson’s plan for mulit apartments in Sector 3 ( the lot next to the Staybridge Hotel) will not only add more traffic to the Mukilteo Speedway , add more students to our overcrowded schools , it will also be a huge drainage problem for the already dangerous erosion on top Big Gulch area where this apartment complex will be built.
We have very little land mass (6.40 sq mi )and only one major road in and out of Mukilteo . Why then add more congestion and overwhelm the already delicate situation of water runoff in the Big Gulch? Where is the foresight and care in this plan for our community?

Here are the plans for the city’s ( Mayor Jennifer Gregerson’s) development of sector 3.

Click to access HarbourPl525.pdf

Christine Awad Schmalz